Extreme dating ideas

I knew Master was watching and I could no longer contain myself anyhow; I squatted like a dog and peed. I was permitted to lap at some water in a bowl on the floor and eat bread that was precut into squares.

If it weren’t white with black-spotted eyes, Master would have seen my apple-red face. After that “dinner,” it was straight to the cage where I slept like I did last night: face down, ass up, mouth gagged, hands cuffed, ass plugged.

It was a different plug that had long, black plastic-like streamers coming from its base not dissimilar to those you might see coming from the handlebars of a Harley. Master took the time to paint my entire nude body white with black spots like a Dalmation.

I had no idea what they were but didn’t dare ask—I know I am only to talk when asked to talk.

Master sat me on a chair, back upright due to the corset, breasts sticking out as a result of my oddly-secured hands.

“Even if I could get up, how far would I get in these shoes anyhow,” I thought to myself.


I submitted to the restraints and waited patiently for Master to return. I must have fallen asleep or passed out because the next thing I remember, I was in the garage laying face down on a narrow plank that was supported by two saw horses.I was told to walk on all fours, to pee like a good puppy, and to bark when I wanted back inside.



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