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Some people hurled abuses at me, others agreed with my opinion, but all my friends were concerned for my safety." "If we really were conservative and close-minded, then people in our showbiz industry wouldn't have done things that would make Hollywood stars blush," he adds frankly. We know brands have retracted contracts and whatnot.It's a thought that doesn't cross his mind, we guess.I am an actor, but I mustn’t be barred from speaking on these matters.In order to progress in this society, we need to break these taboos.” The actor also revealed that it was his fearless mother that instilled in him the courage to speak up."I've had three to four Bollywood offers, really good ones. Most popular beauty Iman Ali is a Pakistani film actress and model. Iman Ali started the carrier with Pakistani popular highest paid actor and she her one of most popular celebrities in pakistan film industries.


If good people stay out of politics, then we will be ruled by the scum of the earth." So where is his career headed?

Iman made her first Pakistani thriller films Khuda Kay Liye in 2007 with opposite pakistani actor Fawad Afzal Khan and highest grossing Pakistani films.

She her good performance in this movies and Iman Ali won the Lux Style Award for Best Actress. Iman Ali her father Abid Ali is a Pakistani actor and her mother Humaira Ali but the couple are now separated and she her three daughter Iman Ali, Rahma Ali and Maryam Ali. Iman Ali complete schooling studied from Divisional Public School in Model Town, Lahore.

Iman Ali official facebook account (facebook.com/imanalipk) and twitter account is (@imam_ali) as 43.5K followers. Here check out photos gallery Iman Ali and wallpapers. Beautiful wallpapers and photos Iman Ali in sky blue color lehenga saree. Beautiful and cute photos Iman Ali in white and colorful design lehenga dress. Iman Ali eye color makeup wallpapers and pics in black color dress. Iman Ali wear in black color pakistani full neck dress. Full HD wallpapers and images Iman Ali in black color dress and red nail polish and bang with bun hairstyles. Gorgeous pics and photos Iman Ali in black color anarkali suit. Iman Ali photos in white color lehenga saree and long black street hairstyles. Attractive and splendid photos and images Iman Ali blue color jeans top. Iman Ali wear in white color colorful full neck dress photos an images. Iman Ali photos in one shoulder silver color shorts dress.

Iman Ali official instagram account (instagram.com/iman.ali) as 707 followers. Girls have none other than PTI Chairman Imran Khan, who doubles as Hamza's 'love guru', to thank.



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    Those studies found that some people tend to exaggerate or lie about themselves and their accomplishments.

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