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This then led to private messaging and me discovering that she had just signed up not long before I had discovered her and that she led a life very similar to my daughter.

I told her the basics of my life, and she eventually admitted that I reminded her of her father.

Tragically, though, she passed away giving birth to our daughter and I haven't been with another woman since.

However, around the time I started unknowingly jerking off to my precious princess I began to feel the urge to find a sexual outlet.

I had never even felt this wonderful and loved when my wife was still alive. Once it was in she slowly moved her hips to hump it in and out of her pussy.

I was getting close when I felt her tighten around me. I wasn't done with her yet though, and decided to change it up. She was going so slow so as not to wake me, or to wake me up gently.

I filled her up and she squeezed me for more cum to fill her up.



I kept on licking her until she released my hair from her grasp, and when she did I climbed on top of her at began to grind my penis against her vaginal lips to coat it in her wetness before I forced my way completely into her. Every move and sound she made as well as how tight she was squeezing me with her love tunnel, arms, and legs made me feel... As my pace kicked up she met my thrusts and began mumbling nonsense that eventually turned into words of love and devotion for me which were returned with my own words for her. ", I moaned out as I buried my head into her soft, wonderful hair. I pulled my penis from my daughter, picked her up in my arms, carried her to my room and positioned us on my bed so I was the big spoon. I woke up in the same position as we fell asleep in, but, now, with an erect penis being slowly led by my daughter's hands into her snatch.

I asked her to hold on one second and she agreed to wait but told me to hurry up or she would just have to go chat with one of her other loyal viewers.



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