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I was like a week away from going to Toronto to shoot the second one, looking at pictures of apartments, and then they pulled it.” Instead, Sheehan turned his attention to The Road Within, in which he plays Vincent, a young man with Tourette’s Syndrome — using the extra time to research the disorder and spend time in the company of people living with it.In many ways a method actor, he practiced the tell-tale ticks and vocalisations whenever on set.We got a really nice letter from Tim Howard, the goalkeeper for Everton, who has Tourette’s.It’s a strange disorder, and whenever he’s playing — no Tourette’s.” Elsewhere on the festival circuit Sheehan is also promoting Moonwalkers, which he saw for the first time at SXSW in Austin. The Giants have done it at the plate, with the best offense in the majors by far, with a .291 Equivalent Average that dwarfs the Indians’, next best at .273. But do you know who has the second-best record and second-biggest lead? The mid-payroll, mid-talent, picked-in-the-middle-of-the-division San Francisco Giants are playing just shy of .600 ball and have just about put away the Diamondbacks and Dodgers, with a magic number of 17.Marvin Benard and Bill Mueller are below-average regulars, but not so much that they’re black holes in the lineup, like Boston’s third basemen or Atlanta’s left fielders.And the Giants’ bench is strong, led by Armando Rios (.289 Eq A) and Ramon E. On the mound, they’ve been able to use just six starters all season, despite concern over Baker’s predilection for high workloads.

The big secret is that the lineup has no real problems.

It’s a small thing, but their regular rotation is probably the best-hitting one in baseball: all starters other than Mark Gardner are above average at the plate.

While their pen is only rated tenth, a lot of that is the result of John Johnstone pitching hurt much of the season.

The Giants have three of the six best hitters in the league in Jeff Kent, Barry Bonds and Ellis Burks.

They’ve done it on the mound, with the fourth-best rotation and tenth-best bullpen in baseball, by Michael Wolverton’s measurements. Well, while you’ll read a lot about Dusty Baker and his abilities as a manager–and I have no intention of casting aspersions on them–the bigger key is a team without any real holes.In America they expect you to do so much press that I’ve come to realise that acting in America is 50% acting and 50% sales.” “Like that film with Lily Collins [The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones], there was just an avalanche of press that went on for weeks.


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