Catholic dating a divorced person


This may have given rise to some questions in your mind.You may have asked, first and foremost, why the Catholic Church would want to examine your past marriage in order to allow a future marriage to one of its members.The Catholic Church recognizes that there are times when the wedding ceremony was beautiful, the right words were spoken, and even children were born of a marriage but, for a variety of reasons, something necessary for the establishment of the marriage bond was missing.When this is the case, it is clearly possible to have two persons, legally married, but never actually joined together by God in a sacramental union.The Church does not seek to assign blame for the marriage breakup to any of the persons involved.Every prior marriage must be addressed and evaluated carefully and individually.To be certain, a Declaration of Invalidity is not a “Catholic Divorce.” The Church does not have the power to divorce any persons who have been united by God.A Declaration of Invalidity states that the sacramental bond of marriage was never present from the very beginning of the marriage.

This is why we respect your previous marriage, even though you are not a Catholic. Sometimes we need to question our presumption regarding the presence of a sacramental marriage.Due to the number of marriage cases pending before the Tribunal and the detailed and careful process with which each one is handled, it is never possible to promise a definite date of conclusion, or even to promise a favorable decision.In light of this, the priest or deacon working with you is not able, nor permitted to set the date for any future wedding.Whenever two baptized persons marry in this way, we believe that God has made them one in the sacrament of marriage (cf. 19:6)—we believe that it is impossible for any human being to break the God-made bond, or covenant, between husband and wife.

For the marriage bond between husband and wife to be established by God, a number of intentions must be made by the couple at the time of their marriage., it is helpful to look first at the Church’s long-standing and beautiful concept of marriage.


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