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The final chapter plays out as the hordes of females shriek and shout, Exploring every stair and tower, teasing secrets from its bowels. I have not come here to give you an English lesson. THE GIRLS IMMEDIATELY SLOUCH AND LOUNGE AROUND, SIGHING AND TUTTING. TRIXIE POUTS AND SITS DOWN HEAVILY WITH HER BACK TO THE OTHERS. She is new here and you know what it's like to be a new girl. The building shudders in defeat, when pounded by a hundred feet, Assaulted by these brats hostile, it may not pass this final trial. I shall return in ten minutes - and if this dormitory is not scrupulously tidy – there will be no supper. DAISY PUTS HER HAND OVER TRIXIE'S MOUTH, WHO IS ABOUT TO ASK FOR A DEFINITION OF SCRUPULOUSLY MATRON: Do you understand? Some are full musical play scripts, some are play scripts and some are pantos-style plays for children. Visit our catalogue page or look at our quick find page to find what you want. THE OTHER GIRLS PUT THEIR HEADS IN THEIR HANDS IN UTTERRESIGNATION AT TRIXIE'S OUTBURST. David Barrett's popular adaptation has been performed in many countries around the world. Our version comes with a piano score and orchestral backing tracks for your performances.Our musicals all come with piano scores and orchestrated MP3 backing tracks for performance. TRIXIE: I can't believe you put up with this stuff. TRIXIE: But this is not discipline - it's bullying. It's always happened here and probably always will. I don't have a father or mother so I have to stand up for myself. TRIXIE: It's alright, Daisy, I'm well cared for by family friends. Take a school full of unruly girls and add a group of boys who have been flooded out of their own school.Backing tracks in MP3 format can be purchased for all our musical plays so you can make your own backing CD. MATRON: (Off) Are you girls ready for inspection yet? The result is a recipe for disaster, with a lot of fun on the way.

All licences for Peter Pan in the UK and US are handled by Samuel French. THE LAUGHTER EVAPORATES AND THE GIRLS FREEZE IN ALARM. KATE: Oh look, Clarissa, the babies are having a little meeting. KATE: (In a sweet and menacing tone) But this is our dorm, Maisie. We can go where we wish, do what we wish, (pulling Trixie's hair) treat anyone how we wish. Using the MIDI files you can change the tempo and key to suit your instrumentalists and singers and even cut verses of longer songs. (Turning to Trixie, who is now crying) I said, I wanted your name, you ... MAISIE: (Standing and shaking with fear) Mollie, Mollie. All we ask is that you do not pass your arrangements on to any third party and that you only use them for your production. Then came along the great war and secondment to the flying corps, The lawn was flattened in a day and turned into a runaway.


The kitchen garden saw a change when it became a firing range, Radishes and greens and beans quite soon were shot to smithereens. It's one thing being ignorant but quite another to advertise it.

ENTER MATRON, CLAPPING HER HANDS IN AN ATTEMPT TO RESTORE ORDER. MATRON: Now, now, girls, there is far too much frivolity in this dormitory. MATRON: Frivolity, my dear Trixie, is what is being exhibited by your dorm-mates as I speak, and it is most unseemly for young ladies of your class.


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