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Maccabee Led by Judah “The Hammer” Maccabee, who fought the Seleucids, saved the Temple, and invented Channukah. Roman …Romans destroyed the Second Temple and absorbed the region into the Roman Empire…

Byzantine ….which split into Eastern and Western Empires. I don’t know if “Romans” ever fought “Byzantines” (Eastern Romans) but this is a cartoon.

This powerful chart can be used as a longevity table for every country in the world.

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Greek/Macedonian No sooner did Alexander conquer everything, than his generals divided it up and fought with each other.

Ptolemaic Greek descendants of Ptolemy, another of Alexander’s competing generals, ruled Egypt dressed like Egyptian god-kings.

Creeping up alongside are illicit nukes possibly from Iran or elsewhere in the region.


Guerrilla/Freedom Fighter/Terrorist Sometimes people fight in military uniforms, sometimes they don’t.

For the episode on the TV series "Millennium", see Blood Relatives (Millennium).


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