Dating tattooed women

It all comes back to the fact that women enjoy men who are in charge, and can protect them.The researchers concluded that when a man gets inked, that tattoo does two things: it attracts the ladies by exuding an air of health and masculinity, and it intimidates other men, because men with tattoos simply look like alpha males. Tattoos make you look hotter to women, and it clears away rivals, so you just have a better chance of getting laid.She’ll bet you have low cholesterol or something, according to a new study conducted at the Jagiellonian University Medical College. That said, there was a greater difference in overall ratings of tattooed versus non-tattooed men with male participants than there was with female participants.

Eventually, Ann began to really open up, becoming increasingly animated as she described her thoughts and feelings about what she described as “hot guys with tattoos.” As our time together hit the halfway point, Ann then shared with me that she perceived guys with certain types of tattoos to be “bad boys”.

“We’ve been surprised just how strong the trends are when it comes to tattoos.


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    Following are testimonies from two of the doctors who testified: 1. What could someone have shared with you, before you made your choice?

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