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The employees of the New Brunswick RCMP are known across the country for their innovation and ability to get the job done.I am grateful to work with so many talented and dedicated people.


That's why it's critical to have our communities and every citizen engaged in public safety.From conducting checkstops to curb unsafe driving practices, leading investigations to help reduce the illegal drugs available on our streets, or simply reaching out to at-risk young people, we are committed to making a positive difference.


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    Now I'm married to my soulmate and have created a beautiful baby boy and a life adventure with her. Glover inspired me to intentionally transform my life with my actions and create the kick-ass life I live now. After reading your book though, I believe that it represents the most accurate, in-depth analysis of this syndrome I have ever encountered.

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    Maybe not Cary Grant, David Beckham or Tony Stark …

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    Schneider met and murdered Maher, 38, an NSU chemistry professor, through an online dating service in May 2013.

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