Intimidating team chants


You may be good at Football You may be good at Track But when it comes to Wrestling You better watch your Back Cadets Attack!

(Stomp, Clap, Stomp Stomp, Clap, Stomp Stomp, Clap Clap, Stomp Stomp, Clap)Repeat Once Repeat Cheer and Stomp and Clap We are the Hornets We Can't be Beat Jackets Watch out and Prepare for defeat We're tough, we're awesome, we can't be stopped Hornets are number 1 (pause pause) and they're NOT!

lick your finger and sizzle it on your booty when u say "ACE" AWWW...

"Awe access" (hit the floor) "Denied" ( when you say denied, raise your hands over your head so they can be seen) After a successful block, the person who got it says "BRICK" and the rest of the team goes "WALL". Bump, Set, Hit, Spike That's the way we like to fight! We Will, We Will, Rock you down, Shake you up, Like a volcano about to erupt, Mighty mighty (team name) here to stay, We'll rock you all night, and rock you all day! For an encouraging cheer and to pump up your team, go..

Many create identical shirts to appear unified and even more numerous.

Sixth man clubs name themselves based on their school mascot or color.

(echo - rest of team) crank that (school name) spirit up!

(echo - rest of team) keep that (school name) spirit up!


Just don't twist your tongue, if the setter decides to set a quick set to the middle hitter :-) Another variation for it is to call initials of your school or team, if it happens to have three of them. ” You better duck You better hide ‘Cuz (server’s name) is serving to your side. “we won another one just like the other one - instant (clap clap) - repeat (clap clap)” Team itself, cheerleaders or the crowd can use these to raise the spirit of the team before the match: "3 is her number! Sixth man squads organize themselves sometimes inches away from the court and work to intimidate their opponents personally.


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