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I met the first of the gathered couples, Dan and his wife Ellie who I noticed were dressed to impress with obvious care taken by both.

Ellie, a tall blonde-haired athletic type, was wearing a lacy, form-fitting dress that I could't help see was designed to show maximum cleavage without actually spilling her nipples into the night air. Next to them were Jamal and Lidia, again looking very polished and again, I couldn't help notice were wearing clothes that I wouldn't normally expect at a suburban Christmas party.

Lidia was just as revealing but I appreciated every inch of her with nothing but admiration — no, again I have to be honest — also pure lust.

She wore a tight fitting, short cut dress which had holes down the sides exposing her sun-kissed skin and the off-the-shoulder top rose just above the nipple line and seemed to defy physics by staying there.

I gulped air a little and closed my eyes before looking at Lidia's face and to see if Jamal had noticed.



I had to check myself and make sure I was careful when looking at Lidia because I knew that my eyes would return to her and I didn't want any drama. And then there was a lovely (thankfully) solo woman, Angela - finally someone else who appeared to be single. Stunning body, warm sexy smile and fiendishly cheeky eyes.I suddenly asked her in a low voice "Have you noticed anything different about this Christmas party".She looked at me and with a cheeky smile said, "you mean the atmosphere of sex? Immediately I smiled back and said, "I'm glad I'm not imagining it and I'm sure I didn't imagine Lidia's hitching her skirt up to flash me! I was expecting and hoping to shock Angela but again that cheeky smile appeared before she said, "nor did I when Mike put his hand down Olivia's thighs and rubbed her pussy while smiling at me the whole time".I was shocked and exhilarated but had to get my head around what just happened.

After discreetly waiting for my hard cock to calm down, I thought this might be a good time to shift over to the now empty spot next to Angela.Being single, I had initial thoughts that I could end up feeling like each couple's third wheel as I assumed their other guests would come in pairs but I simply decided to have a good time and ignore any initial social discomfort.


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