Hookk up in namibia


Last stop is Africat Conservation Game Reserve, This is a huge electric fenced reserve where the animals roam free. We peek at a sandy hill topped by what looks like a stubby dead tree, From an underground tunnel, a hunk of mule appears in a tree hole.The leopard retrieves it, lounges on a limb, and dines.A 34 year old native of Zimbabwe, he said he was on his way to becoming a hooligan when he decided to pull himself together, started studying wild life and went to guide school. For him, his mother just liked “Stewart.” He started by setting us straight: Some of you have heard of Africa time. Before heading to the coastal dunes, largest in the world, we stopped at a grocery store for Stewart to fill our coolers with lunch goodies and drinks.Our lunchtime routine: Stewart would pull up under a nice tree.We see 14 lions, with one noshing on a kudu (large antelope); 2 black rhinos; 2 leopards; jackals; baboons; warthogs; guinea fowl; impalas, elands, kudus, springboks, steenboks, dik-diks, and oryx; giraffes; elephants; zebras (ordinary and mountain); several species of mongoose, more birds than we knew existed, skinks, geckos, and wildebeests (gnus).On our last game drive, we go to Namutoni, a park entrance in the far northeast corner.We head up the Skeleton Coast stopping to see a fishing vessel caught on the reefs since 2007 being slowly disintegrated by the Benguela Current and wave action 24/7.Outside the scenic oceanside town of Walvis (vall fish, the Afrikaans pronunciation of the English corruption of whale fish) Bay we have lunch at The Raft, a restaurant on pilings over the water.


The government has set aside one dune for turistas to climb. We decide climbing was not a good idea for people with glasses or contacts. All our lodges, except this one, were beauties, but all had a view.

Most opt for roast oryx, the national symbol of Namibia. Game is too tough for me unless ground in a burger.



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