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For example, if you use the Get-OWAVirtual Directory cmdlet to view properties, Exchange returns the following information: You can also retrieve information for a specific virtual directory on a specific server by using the available parameters.For more information about the parameters for the Get-OWAVirtual Directory cmdlet, see Get-Owa Virtual Directory.To get the most out of Wunderlist for Outlook, it’s best to adopt the mantra of ‘divide and conquer’...As soon as you open an email, decide its fate—Reply, Delete or Add to Wunderlist.In the meantime, you can also install it from the Office store.As your No.1 Office-integration request, we hope you’ll love using Wunderlist for Outlook as much as we do—to us, it represents the evolution of your much-loved Add and Mail to Wunderlist.We are super excited to bring you our first Integration with Microsoft Office - say hello to Wunderlist for Outlook! And it’s all too easy to lose track of emails that are more tasks than correspondence.With that in mind, we’ve worked closely with the Outlook team to bring you a simple way of getting your tasks out of your inbox and into your to-do lists.



Here is another calendar related question: I want to create a link-item that links to a view that filters events to the current date. Right now i have a mini-calendar block that show the current month and a view (type page) for events that has a contextual filter: Date: Date (node).

To use the add-in with your desktop app, you’ll need to first install it from the Office store.


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