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"Single, desperate men are among the first to exploit any new technology that will help them in their quest."For Facebook, a more direct move into courting rituals could fuel member growth and position the company to attract advertising related to those singles searches.

Flower delivery, candy stores and restaurant ads might come into play.

The new feature, primarily for finding what friends "Like" from music to food and more, is expected to be available more widely over the next few months.

After years of playing a de facto cupid among friends, Facebook is no longer just dipping a toe in the online-dating hot tub.

People already use "Facebook as sort of a research tool to see if they have friends in common, to talk with that person to see if they will vouch for them," said Spira.

It is common for new singles back on the dating scene to strike up chats on Facebook Messenger to make a match, she said. Author Strauss cautions that Facebook's dating tools may create annoyances on the site.

When someone is on an online dating site you can be pretty sure they are looking for a date.

Graph Search, paired with Facebook's Messenger and Poke apps, will now provide what amounts to a basket of dating tools.

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SAN FRANCISCO -- Queue the disco ball and Barry White: Facebook is becoming an online love connection -- or maybe a meat market.

"For dating queries, friends of friends tends to be a good place to start," says Tom Stocky, Facebook director of product management.

Graph Search, a promising advertising bonanza and Google threat, puts people's interests and relationship status only a fingertip away. Men will be able to hunt for single women who live in their locale and like a particular taco stand, action movies such as The Expendables, and sports teams, for example.

Charlie Stelle, have been researching the landscape and found that people over 60 represent the most rapidly growing demographic in online dating.


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