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My plane stopped and everyone tried to be the first off, so I sat back and scanned the crowd at the window.

There was Sara, she had changed in the last 3 years and the only reason that I could recognize her was from the beautiful hair color and the dress that she told me she would have on.

That way we can go enjoy the city for a while and come back home later to some very serious sex.”By now Sara had unzipped my pants and tugged them down far enough to let my dick spring free.

“Mom, his cock is longer and bigger than when he left,” exclaimed Sara.“Oh god, Sara, our home grown stud is really built for action now.

Her cunt was soaking the underpants as her fingers flew up and down the valley between her pussy lips.“See what your phone call did,” she commented, ” My nipples went rock hard as soon as I heard your voice, and when you asked me that questions, my pussy instantly got so wet that I felt as though I had peed my pants.”“Now just how can I make that problem better,” I asked her.“Stop playing with yourself and let your sister empty that loaded set of balls you have.” Mom said.“As soon as she drains them I’m going to raise it back up and drain it myself.She had hiked her skirt as she sat down and I was looking at a pair of long legs encased in nylons to the very top of her thighs, she was wearing a pair of dark blue panties, her legs spread wide apart.

There was a very dark spot that marked her panties from pussy top to asshole.

Reaching one hand over to stroke my bulging crotch, she smiled impishly and said, “Mom wants you to call her as soon as you get in the house.


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