Punishment of dating in islam

He very well could be a Catholic with Jewish blood who will be brought up in a Middle-East country.

Thus, he will appeal to all three religions and fulfill their expectations.

I will start with a slightly modified excerpt from my article on Islam: ic peoples in Europe in concentration camps.

In order for this round up to be successful these States will have to become police states.

When the satanically possessed European dictator comes on the scene he will somehow appease and Islam will join into the one world religion movement.

Later, the dictator is killed and becomes incarnated by Satan. He will move the world government headquarters to Babylon and he will turn on and destroy the harlot world religion.

They send me reasons from other Bible prophecy teachers why the idea that Bible prophecy teachers thought the Antichrist will come from the Roman Empire was wrong and why he will really come from Islam.

Although I respect the Bible prophecy teachers that are now teaching this I do not believe that the Antichrist and his Beast government will come out of Islam.


Once radical is defeated people may be free to believe what they want in private but in public there will be no proselytizing allowed and all exclusive clams to God will be outlawed as hate speech in the name of world peace and security.

I think an ecumenical movement will follow the religious wars where all names of God in all Religion will simply mean the Creator.

Then one will arise claiming to be the Creator but he will have the attributes of Satan and the world will follow him believing that He is the Creator.

Even Eastern religions have high regard for Mary idols.

So imagine a scenario where during a bloody religious war a so called divine intervention comes from this “Queen of Heaven” demon (there is nothing new under the sun). It also is no accident that the Emergent and Emerging Church movement is moving back toward Catholicism, and mysticism, as are some mainline churches and Word-Faith, NAR, New Wave Pentecostals. When pluralism and universalism is the world religion Jesus will not be regarded as God. How anyone can think that the Western world that is now rapidly moving toward religious pluralism, universalism and amorality is going to accept the exclusiveness and the laws of can militarily conquer the West.

I am almost sure aliens (demons) will somehow be involved in that deception as well as Marian apparitions.



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