Dating galaxy info

In the spectra, the top panel shows the age fit, with the solid line and dashed lines representing the observed spectrum and best fitting model respectively.

The dashed blue boxes indicate the spectral regions where the fit takes place.

The location, Angel’s Landing, is a natural amphitheater carved from the sandstone, and as everyone who has been there would attest, the spot itself is powerful, romantic and peaceful.

The spirit that permeates the canyon is tangible and the result was something we’ll never forget.

Each of these three image-spectrum pairs represents a BVI composite image and part of its optical spectrum.

An artist's conception of a black hole generating a jet.The system's innermost planet is the size of Mercury, the middle three are the size of Mars, and the outermost is slightly smaller than Venus Professor Bill Chaplin, who co-authored the study, said: ‘The first discoveries of exoplanets around other sun-like stars in our galaxy have fuelled efforts to find other worlds like Earth and other terrestrial planets outside our solar system.


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