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Management Program at the University of Virginia in 2001.

Roger Craig Smith (born August 11, 1975 in Orange Country, California) is an American voice actor.

The trio of Smith, Turris and Fiala have been nearly unstoppable since they were put together.

Smith has 22 points in 33 games so far this season and could be considered probably to suit up tonight.

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In the meantime, Smith has 25 points through 41 matches. Smith has a 14.1 shooting percentage this season, which is much higher than his career average of 9.5.

Smith has 11 goals and 17 points in 27 games overall.

Smith has been on a bit of a roll of late, as he's picked up nine points in his last 10 contests. Subban blast from the point and Craig Smith was in the perfect spot to bury his seventh goal of the season.

Smith finished the game with a plus-2 rating and three shots on goal in of ice time.

He's been ripping it up of late, as he has five points in his last three games and 12 points in his last 12 contests.

Since then, he has worked various assignments including Patrol, Selective Enforcement, Bicycle Team, and Central Business District patrol. Major Smith enjoys hunting, fishing, off-road racing, youth sports, and scouting.


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