Who is jerry cantrell dating


Jerry's father, Jerry Senior, fought in the Vietnam war and left Jerry just his mother for a part of his childhood.

And yes, the song "Rooster" was written by Jerry about his pop.

Said staffer, named “The Baldy”, has blogged about the grunge legend’s benevolent offering, while rubbing our proverbial noses in the shitter that will surely be occupying his own throne room shortly.“Jerry is having the toilet in his home replaced and asked if I wanted the old one,” The Baldy writes.“I’ve done a lot of things in my life, but researching toilets isn’t one of them.


Jerry Cantrell, undoubtedly the best guitarist of the 80's and 90's, was born March 18, 1966 in Tacoma, Washington.

It’s not unlike how I normally write from a personal point of view, whether mine or someone else’s," he said.

In what will undoubtedly go down as a timeless parable about hard work paying off, Alice In Chains guitarist Jerry Cantrell has generously decided to bequeath his old toilet bowl to one of his top employees.

He mentioned there was going to be a sequel and maybe we could work it out," Cantrell told Billboard, which premiered the track.

Opening with a relaxing acoustic melody and Cantrell's calm, inimitable croon, "A Job To Do" is highly emotional with waves of chords crashing in during the chorus, still giving off a dreary feeling.Being out in country and needing transport, Jerry tries to open his garage door, but since it's electrically controlled cannot.



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