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Its industrial activity is not great, but there are manufactures of machinery, chemicals, paper, tobacco and sugar; these are made chiefly in or near the large towns, while the linen-weaving is practiced as a domestic industry.

Shipbuilding is carried on at Stettin and at several places along the coast.

The soil of Pomerania is for the most part for thin and sandy, but patches of good land are found here and there.


The government was authoritarian, requiring universal military service, as well as universal education.

Owing to the long line of coast and the numerous lakes, fishing forms an important industry, and large quantities of herrings, eels and lampreys are sent from Pomerania to other parts of Germany.

With the exception of almost inexhaustible layers of peat, the mineral wealth of the province is insignificant.

Off the West Coast, which is very irregular, lie the islands of Rugin, Usedom, and Wollin; the coast of farther Pomerania is smooth in outline and is bordered with dunes, or sand banks.

Besides the Oder and its affluents, the chief of which are the Peene, the Ucker, and the Ihna, there are several smaller rivers flowing in the Baltic; a few these are navigable for ships but the greater number only carry rafts.Formerly, pilgrimages to the site were not to be organized by official Church groups, though the faithful could make them privately or through other organizations.


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