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A spokesperson for De Kalb Police said there was no miscommunication.

We never said that we found her, the spokesperson said. K offered for information about woman who went missing in Druid Hills September 6, 2017 The family of Jenna Van Gelderen announces a ,000 reward for information leading to her safe return. on Saturday, August 19, to say she was laying down. Jenna has not used her phone, social media or credit cards since that time.

(her own plan, family is not sure whereshe used it for, per VI - Thread #1, post #96) registered under another name Ruth Jenna, per VI - Thread #1, post #988 Confusion. Her i Phone just had Google Hangouts / Google voice on it (found via itunes store ) According to herfriends they mostly used Google Hangouts or Google Voice. Her android phone is the one it seems she mostly usedfor contacting some of these shady people T2 # 105 VI I Over the course of thepast 2 years had downloaded well over 10 different texting apps.


Nowthat also sounds like someone who is trying to maybe come up with an excuse asto why he wouldn't want to be around her anymore, but then the police say thather brother also said something that corroborated that. Rumorsabout Jenna going missing before are not true according to the parents.

She would not tell us where the moneywent and that she was "framed" by a manager. Who ever it was thatcalled at left a 2 min long voice mail and their phone was in theirpocket.

I am starting to thinkthat maybe she did do this and paid one of these guys with the money. The Insta account that I found tied to that number and several ads thatset off an alarm that said person may be a pimp.

We knew where she wasgoing, who she was going tobe with and she was always in contact with us. We tracked this phone number I found on metro to a number that showedup a lot Jan - March and then died off around when she said it was finished . Per VI - Thread #1, post #165We foundout large sums of money had been taken in total from various times from herregister.

She was arrested, and through the court case, we were able to havethe sentence reduced to a misdemeanor.

A Gwinnett Tech graduate, Jenna is usually in daily contactwith her parents or brother according to: She hadbeen seeing a career coach / counselor every week as well to help get her ontrack to finding a new job and working with her mental illness /minor autism tohelp with work skills.


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