Webcam 666

The panorama ranges from the University of Vienna, to City Hall, Parliament, the Volksgarten and the Museum of Natural History and Kunsthistorisches Museum.

And who knows – you might even be in Vienna soon yourself and wave at the camera to your friends!

HAHAHA) Thanks to you, I've gotten a lil more adventurous & naughty..check out my updated Amazon Wish List inspired by YOU! If im Bored & noone is talking, i will probably leave.

Cant wait to explore myself more & have more exciting fun with you. So Dont be shy ( I do Bite ) PLAY WITH ME when you're in MY room! When at work- if you tip for something i clearly cant pull off, although I DO LOVE A CHALLENGE, and I Just MIGHT Surprise You- but if i cant, I'll make it up to you. When im at the office, dont ask me to include my co-workers!!

@stevewood I've seen Prey mentioned in other similar discussions (many times, in fact) and I fiddled with the free version, which doesn't let me take webcam pictures (at least, not as far as I could figure out).

Most of videos on this site are from video sharing websites.


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