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Examples of undergraduate programs located in Humanities that cut across disciplinary boundaries are the majors in Global Cultures, Global Middle East Studies, and Religious Studies, and the interdisciplinary minors in Archaeology, Latin American Studies, and Medical Humanities.

Students majoring in the humanities are particularly well-prepared for careers in all fields that rely on analysis, judgment, and argument.

Both facilities provide technology-related research and development assistance for faculty, and both graduate and undergraduate students. Many courses are composed of both lectures and discussion sessions.

The art is available for viewing throughout the Humanities Studio. The program features two-tiered mentoring, with successful upper-division students mentoring small groups of new students, and the student mentors in turn working with faculty and staff.In addition to serving as a liaison and coordinator for cross-campus and multi-campus projects, the Humanities Commons builds partnerships that engage the School of Humanities with community organizations and public institutions. During that time the academic counselors are prepared to help the undeclared student keep options to a major open, plan a coherent program of humanistic study, and reach an eventual decision about the major.


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