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Many people go to the village maypole to decorate the pole with greenery and flowers and raise it in the company of others from the village and summer guests.

Some villages still organise a midsummer dance in the local youth centre or village hall until the sun rises again in the middle of the night.

Midsummer’s Eve is always celebrated on the Friday in the period 19–25 June.

There is a maypole in nearly every village in the whole of Åland.

People decorate their houses with wreaths and bouquets of summer flowers.

The menu tends to include pickled herring and new potatoes cooked with dill, a piece of barbecued meat and strawberries for dessert, plus well-chilled schnapps and beer for the adults.



Some maypoles are decorated with a sun, symbolising life-giving heat.Midsummer is one of Åland’s most popular festivals.


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