Dating raleigh bicycles serial

In the mid-fifties, they also made Sachs-powered SCO autocycles.Urania was one of many companies that manufactured Long Johns.Maybe you won´t find a (valid) serial number for one of the following reasons: -the bicycle was built before 1942 when serial numbers weren´t mandantory in Denmark -the number (or parts of it) got lost due to abrasion, scratches, corrosion or any other damage -the number (or parts of it) is covered with paint -it´s not a Danish bike or it was not built for the Danish market Serial number on the seat tube of a 1955 SCO Long John. The same applies to Monark Long Johns produced for the non-Danish market.Manufacturer codes Every single manufacturer/importer has its own official and unique letter code(s).But the Long John is ideal for fitting a box and car seat in its cargo area.I was inspired by the photo below on the Dutch website all we need is some good cycling weather. I’ve since replaced the saddle with an excellent Dutch one.Winther A/S, Them BB, BK Børge Kildemoes Cykelfabrik A/S, Nr.Lyndelse (Danish importer of Monark Long Johns) BP Bohnstedt Petersen A/S, København BT Taarnby A/S CF Cykelhandlernes Centralforening, Brabrand CK Jensen cykler (C K Jensen) EE Egedesø, Odense / Everton, Nørre-Åby (bought by Smith & Co in 1995) G Dansk Cykelværk Grand A/S, Nørre-Åby HM Haderup Maskinfabrik, Haderup LL Sorte Jernhest MB MBK cykler N Nordisk Cykelfabrik A/S, København OC Otto’s Cykler, Dragør PS Schrøder cykler R, AR Vilh.



Urania Cykler is still a major bicycle company in Denmark.

********************** IDENTIFYING & DATING A LONG JOHN How to determine age and manufacturer of a Long John bike (and other Danish bikes): Most Long John owners would like to know age and manufacturer of their bike.


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