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We won’t go through all the exhaustive numbers of that grim tally of burning. At times, ash and embers rained down across California as if from a volcanic eruption.But we will say that more than ten thousand homes and buildings burned. The skies — marred by great pillars of smoke erupting from a blasted Earth.These floods inflicted more than 1.5 billion in damages. What we didn’t count on was the oven-like heat that followed.Nor the simple fact that resiliency, no matter how strong at first, is not limitless.

Temperatures in many places regularly soared to well above the scorching 100 degree mark.By December, the heat and dryness had not relented. Howling winds from the longest burst of fire fanning winds ever seen for California fed into a new fire. A fire that is now within 500 acres of becoming the largest fire ever to burn in California history. Environmentally speaking, heat is the primary factor in fire hazard so long as fuels are present.

Drought is also a factor, though a somewhat less certain one because eventually most fuels are consumed if drought sets in for long enough.As with the bagel, enough heat will eventually blast through any moisture loading so long as that moisture is not recharged to great risk of consuming and conflagrating the fuels that soaked up the moisture in the first place.


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