Automatic updating windows vista

When the yellow shield pops up, I pick a convenient time and tell it to go do it using the custom option This lets me choose what to install (IE 8 and WGA aren't popular with my clients and a few are still deferring service packs).If you use this method, you know that the information bubbles disappear by default but I always click on them to monitor progress, so I can wathch the downloads and installs. If this isn't what you do, give it a try, it might work for you.The preferred method is to use the Windows Update or Microsoft Update from the Start Menu.This method will offer all the critical patches, all the optional patches and all the hardware and driver patches.



Hi, I had a case just like this recently, Windows Vista was not able to download and or install updates.

Given their abilities to better troubleshoot such issues using their own diagnostic tools and non-public reference databases, I recommend you to begin a new support incident. My other symtoms were Vista would not recognize my virus protection program nor let me run MS Defender. I wondered you been caught by Vista update problem for a week, which never occur for me.


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