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Zmienia on zasady funkcjonujące w geopolityce, które obowiązują na przestrzeni ostatnich 150 lat.

Połączenie Europy i Azji lądowymi szlakami handlowymi, uniezależnia dziesiątki krajów od szlaków morskich, kończąc tym samym zależność od USA, które dominuje militarnie na oceanach.


'If he feels threatened, we need to tell him, "Get someone to go along with you, but come in.Let's solve this crime and you can free yourself."'You can say I'm paranoid about it, but they will kill me, there is no question,' he reportedly told Wired. They want to silence me,' Wired quoted Mc Afee as saying on its website. I am just a thorn in everybody's side.'Police said Faull's computer and phone were missing, but there were no signs of forced entry at his home. Wired reported that Belize’s Gang Suppression Unit raided his mainland property in April and accused him of manufacturing methamphetamine.Police reported finding a single 9-mm shell casing and said it appeared Faull was killed between late Saturday and Sunday morning, which was a rainy night on the Caribbean island. The charges were later dropped, but Mc Afee’s paranoia remained. Asked about the possibility of surrendering, Mc Afee told Wired: 'Under no circumstances am I going to willingly talk to the police in this country.– Zbigniew Brzeziński Pojedynczy kraj, jak i grupa krajów, która kontroluje zasoby Euro-Azji, kontroluje też gospodarkę światową.

Alternatywą dla kontrolowania całego kontynentu jest zdominowanie oceanów.This article examines how Russian privatization helped create the Putin political system.



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