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(born Paul Marmorstein; March 17, 1959 in San Francisco, California) is an American singer and drummer.

He is most notable for his time as lead vocalist in L. Guns, with whom he wrote most of their self-titled debut album. In the 1970s, his high school rock band was called Your Mother. In 1978 he was a percussion major at San Jose State University. band was Mad Captions who played CBGB in New York and The Hot Club in Philadelphia with The Dead Boys.

Also, the video is titled "I lost My Virginity…" so…

— shawn mendes (@hshtag_hshbrown) January 2, 2018 Okay @jakepaul Change that title and thumbnail Kids are gonna be like "Mom how did Jake lose his virginity" "Michael Dean angelo ii, how dare you say that in front of me" Put something like "Snowboarding gone wrong" — JERIKA (@justjerikastuff) January 2, 2018 Any youtuber ever: says "hell" in a video" and no ads Jake Paul: Literally says he lost his virginity and the thimbnail is not suitable and gets monitized.

Additionally, the video has nothing to do with sex, and is just about him and his friends on a ski trip in Big Bear Lake, California.

In the video, he jokes about losing his "ski virginity," and said the title was "good clickbait." See all the pissed off reactions (below): jake paul just posted a video and the thumbnail was him and a girl practically naked making out and the title is i lost my virginity and it’s clickbait??

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In his new video titled "I Lost My Virginity…", Jake uploaded a NSFW thumbnail featuring a half-naked man (possibly him) in bed with a half-naked woman (presumably fellow social media star Erika Costell) getting hot and heavy.


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