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You obviously know your date looks beautiful, or you wouldn’t be with her *yes, we know men are shallow*.So when you finally do meet her at the date, compliment her on how beautiful/cute/gorgeous/pretty she looks.It’ll definitely make her feel special, loved and a lot happier. Blush is one among the important makeup products which can help to highlight the best features of your face.

Don’t just say something nice because you read it in a book or your friend texted you a few complimentary ques.

It would be really flattering if you could write a poem, but your girlfriend would definitely settle for something you’re capable of doing, and that’s sending a sweet text after the date or picking a beautiful card to profess your feelings for her.

Compliment her for her skills Is she a ravishing karaoke singer or someone who knows her fine wine? [Read: Best questions to ask on a date] Most men assume girls don’t like to be complimented for anything other their appearance, but that’s just not true!

You can always use those sexy lines once you’ve grown closer and she trusts you better. To understand how to compliment a girl sincerely, you always need to remember this pointer.

The very instant you lay eyes on her, what do you think?Pull her seat back for her, assist her whenever she needs assistance and pay attention to her every whim and fancy.


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